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If we don't answer, we'll return your call within 24hrs

Do I make sure I’m not letting things build up inside? Is there something I need to be talking about right now? Is there someone I need to be talking to now, or in the near future? Why do I continue to keep my feelings to myself? Do I tell myself, It’s no one else business or It’s not that big of a deal? These are just a few of the typical “thinking errors” that become barriers to expressing our feelings. It seems easier just to let it slide and forget about it, but this is a main ingredient in the recipe for trouble. By holding in feelings that will eventually build up, we set ourselves up for the future “leaks” or “spills” that have caused problems for us in the past. If we practice not giving in to these and other barriers, it will get easier and easier to express our feelings, and we will find better ways to express them that aren’t destructive. Am I staying current with my feelings?

Daily Keepsake: I will stay current with my feelings and not allow things to build up inside me. I will make sure my feelings don’t build up about…