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Complete DUI Services
(DUI and DWI evaluation, rehabilitation, and treatment classes, Aftercare, Evaluation updates, Secretary of State Hearing/ Driver License reinstatement work, etc.)

Overview of the DUI Process
Getting a DUI can be a scary, confusing ordeal. At TFL we try to put your mind at ease and make the process as hassle-free and painless as possible with our expertise and approach. TFL takes pride in our ability to accommodate our clients with regard to low cost and flexible scheduling. Here is a basic overview of what you can expect.

DUI Evaluation
A DUI and DWI evaluation is required by the court. The process requires a face-to-face interview with a court approved, DASA licensed providers staff that is certified in alcohol and drug counseling. This interview will typically take one hour to an hour and a half. You will be required to bring two documents; The “Notice of Summary Suspension” that you should have received upon your arrest, and the “Driving Abstract For Court Purposes” from the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). This is a legal history of your driving record. At times TFL can assist you with obtaining these documents if necessary. After you complete your interview and the information from these documents is obtained, the information is submitted into a State of Illinois sanctioned computer program which will then determine your risk classification and print out a Uniform Report. This report will state that you are one of four Risk Classifications and the required services you will need to complete to satisfy the courts requirements. They are as follows:

Illinois DUI Risk Classifications and Requirements

  • Minimal Risk: Requires 10-hours of DUI Risk Education
  • Moderate Risk: Requires 10-hours of DUI Risk Education and 12-hours of Early Intervention Counseling
  • Significant Risk: Requires 10-hours of DUI Risk Education, 20-hours of Outpatient Treatment and any Continuing Care recommendations
  • High Risk: Requires 75-hours of Outpatient or Intensive Outpatient Treatment and any Continuing Care Recommendations

Risk Education Classes
Risk Education classes meet days, evenings and weekends at Tools For Life for your convenience. You must complete a total of 4-classes and must attend minimally once per week once you are enrolled. You may attend more than once per week if you wish.

DUI Treatment
You may be required to complete a specific number of counseling or treatment hours depending on your risk classification (see above). This will be specified on your evaluation and is usually done in a group setting. Tools For Life offers flexible scheduling throughout the week to accommodate difficult schedules.

Aftercare or Continuing Care
Once you have completed your primary treatment and education requirements, you may be required to complete Aftercare 1 x per month depending on your risk classification (see above). This will also be stipulated on your DUI Evaluation.

Drivers License Reinstatement
The consequences for DUI in the state of Illinois can be suspension or revocation of your driver’s license. A suspended license will be returned to you once you meet the requirements of the court, and pay the reinstatement fee to the state.
When a license is revoked, you have lost your privilege to drive. In order to get your privilege to drive “reinstated” you must attend a hearing with the Secretary of State. This may be an “informal” or “formal” hearing. If approved, you may be given a “restricted driving permit” or “full reinstatement”.

To be eligible for a Hearing you must have completed your Education/Treatment requirements and have an Evaluation that is dated within 6 months of attending your scheduled hearing.
If you have been to a hearing and have been denied, a qualified treatment provider must prepare a formal “response” to the issues brought forth in the denial.

Tools For Life specializes in preparing the required documents for Secretary of State Reinstatement Hearings.

Call and compare, you’ll see that TFL, the DUI experts, are your best choice for cost, convenience, and expertise!

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