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If we don't answer, we'll return your call within 24hrs

Do I do things that I enjoy? The more joy I have, the less anger I will have. The more positive feelings I have, the less negative feelings I will have. I am like a container. I can fill myself with sand or gold. Some anger and other difficult feelings may never materialize if I am truly happy, or if they do, they won’t stay long. Happiness needs to be worked at by first figuring out what I need to be happy. One thing to keep in mind as I work on building happiness is: Happiness and pleasure are not the same things. I must remember that happiness is first an inside job; it then extends itself into my life. I must heal and be rid of “emotional infections” such as hatred and resentments. I must work on feeling good about myself. I must work on spiritual things in the sense that I am alive and connected to the rest of the universe. I must be practicing G.O.D. (Good Orderly Direction) in my life. I must work toward contentment and fulfillment in the major areas of my life. Are joy and happiness slowly taking the place of anger and resentment?

Daily Keepsake: I will continue to work at not only eliminating the bad emotions but also replacing them with good ones. The good feelings I will work at today are…