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If we don't answer, we'll return your call within 24hrs

Are you trying to FIX, MANAGE, and CONTROL situations around you? People believe that if they just manage the outside well, this will bring them happiness. This is one of the biggest myths in life. Happiness is first and foremost an inside job. I must work on myself and who I am inside. Even if I manage to fix a situation in my life, if that situation was brought on by some problem or issue within me, it will only be a matter of time until another situation just like it pops up again. If I am dishonest, I must understand why I’m dishonest and stop it, instead of just apologizing. I must learn to recognize the value in being honest even when it’s hard. Changing who I am inside will eventually bring about the changes I seek on the outside and will keep them changed. Am I ignoring the inside and focusing too much on trying to fix, manage, and control the outside?

Daily Keepsake: I will stay more focused on changing myself and how I react to life than on changing people and things around me. Today, I will stop trying to fix, manage, and control…